Dating 7up bottles

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How do you read the expiration dates on 7-UP and their products.

The sell-by date on a 7UP bottle can be located either at the base, at the neck or on the label.

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To find it, one should lift up the bottle and look for a small black print that may also be accompanied by the words best before.

Storage lifetime - How long does unopened, room temperature pop.

A Collector's Guide to Vintage Soda Pop Finds - Vintage Soda Bottles

Continue Reading7UP is a popular soda drink with lemon-lime flavor that has been produced since 1929. As a rule of thumb, the first two dits of the sell-by date printed on the bottle or can refer to the month and the final dits refer to the year.


Like a case of them, sitting in a room-temperature room.

Dating 7up bottles:

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